Accent on Writing

Writing skills have never been as important as they are today, despite the fact that much of our world has gone digital. The Accent on Writing initiative was developed to answer this need for each and every individual who comes to Ashland University to find their life’s calling.

This initiative helps undergraduate students in all disciplines become more mindful, effective, and confident writers. We believe writing is not only a necessary tool for communication but also a means of discovery and knowledge-making. Our pilot program launched Fall semester 2018. It required all incoming residential students to participate in a comprehensive and immersive program. The program will be at full capacity and touch every aspect of the academic community beginning with the 2019-2020 school year. This initiative has become a distinctive and compelling component of Ashland University’s identity and will result in the university being recognized as a leader in the teaching of writing.

The Accent on Writing program focuses on the ongoing development of writing throughout each student’s collegiate career – developing their writing skills through the university’s composition program, core curriculum and courses in their major field of study. Specific courses in the core curriculum and in each major field of study are designated as Accent on Writing courses. The writing ability of each student will be assessed in a number of ways, including sophomore and junior portfolios that are evaluated using rubrics consistent with the Written Communication Value Rubric created by the Association of American Colleges and Universities, adapted to Ashland University’s core mission.

Your support for this initiative will allow us to continue our dedication to “Accent on the Individual” by offering students the tools and opportunities to hone their written communication skills and allow them to compete at the highest levels of their chosen fields upon graduation.