Eagle Investment Group

College of Business
and Economics

Tom Harvey had an incredible vision. Give business and finance students the Wall Street experience they dream about—before they leave Ashland University. By combining finance theory with stock tickers and
LCD screens, investing $1 million of the University’s endowment and taking students on experiential trips to New York City, he’s spent years shaping the lives of Finance graduates, one individual at a time.

The global financial market is growing more fast-paced and competitive by the day. So this project was developed to build upon our success. By adding Bloomberg terminals, the modern icon of the financial markets, and boosting our endowment in order to hire well-qualified Finance professors, we will be able to provide the necessary experience and guidance allowing our Finance graduates a competitive edge after graduation—whether they choose to work on Wall Street or Main Street.

The costs are steep for building windows into the real world, but the benefits can be enormous. Giving to this project will allow Ashland to establish and sustain a reputation for innovative teaching and support the “Tom Harvey’s” of the world as they push every student, every day to pursue their life’s calling.