Freshman Orientation Program

As Ashland University grows, we have been welcoming more freshmen to campus each year. But even with our standard Orientation weekend in place, it’s still easy for new students to get lost in the mix.

Based on their own experiences as students coming to a new school and parents dropping their own children off on campus, Fred (’75) and Anne Mainwaring (’76) Broad gifted $300,000 to enhance the Freshman Orientation Program in 2016.

The program is designed to facilitate a smooth transition for new students and peace of mind for parents with the promise that their children will experience the Accent on the Individual from the first moment they arrive.

With the gift, the Division of Student Affairs launched new programs including pre-orientation trips, which have included leadership training at Camp Nuhop, a Creative Arts Retreat in downtown Mansfield, and an Outdoor Camping trip at Pleasant Hill. Grants are also available for students interested in mission trips.

The freshmen students who attended the pre-orientation trip developed friendships with students from other dorms and academic programs, which otherwise would have been challenging. They learned self-confidence and that they aren’t alone on campus. Hundreds of students have formed and cemented friendships, which has also shown a significant increase in student retention since the advent of the program in 2016.

Your support for this initiative will allow us to continue to provide unique opportunities for our incoming freshman and further demonstrate our dedication to “Accent on the Individual.”