Educational opportunity is the great equalizer in our world. No other organization places a higher priority on each individual’s education than Ashland University. Over the last 140 years, more than 50,000 students have come to Ashland and been transformed by their experience here. Our graduates are leading in the fields of education, business, science, and nursing. We continue to uphold our commitment to “Accent on the Individual,” so each student leaves here prepared to live a life defined—and fueled—by their unique purpose.

Student Experience

The campaign allows Ashland to enrich and expand the holistic student experience so that students have the confidence and tools to thrive, both personally and professionally.


The campaign allows Ashland to attract students and faculty with the drive and heart to succeed here so that our community becomes stronger in talent, diversity, and accomplishment.


The campaign allows Ashland to strengthen and sustain our legacy so that we can continue to shape our communities, the state of Ohio, and the world for the better.

Though individual, we are never alone. For this reason, our faculty and staff continue to fiercely defend Ashland’s mission of providing each student a transformative learning experience while shaping graduates who work, serve, and lead with integrity and passion in their local, national, and global communities.

Our Campaign for Every Individual launched last autumn with an ambitious goal through a two-year springboard phase. Our approach is comprehensive, focusing on annual support, building the endowment, innovative programming, and capital projects. To accomplish this goal, we’ve defined three pillars to serve as the foundation for how we are continuing to create the best possible educational experience for every individual within this great community of ours:

First, our projects support our students and faculty, so that we strengthen our talent, diversity, and accomplishments.

Second, these projects focus on the student experience so our students will thrive both professionally and personally.

And third, our projects serve to strengthen and sustain our legacy so that students past and present can continue to strengthen their communities, states and our world.

As you know, the only way each and every one of us grows even greater is together.

This is why we’re calling on our community of individuals. To invest in our future business leaders, teachers, communicators, and nurses. To stand for our critical thinkers, problem solvers, change agents, friends, and neighbors. And to support the ones who push every student as they pursue their life’s calling.

Because just as one gift will inspire others, a single gesture now will give rise to the momentum that will sustain Ashland for years to come.

Explore below to find the project that uniquely speaks to your heart.

Life Calling

Open to all students, this program is divided up into three classes, each meant to help individuals find their passions, talents and opportunities for growth as they plan for both their careers and future lives.

Freshman Orientation Program

The program is designed to facilitate a smooth transition for new students and peace of mind for parents with the promise that their children will experience the Accent on the Individual from the first moment they arrive.

Veteran’s Center

The Center will welcome and receive veterans as they transition from military service to campus life. Support services offered through the Center will include recruitment, admissions, registration and GI Bill processing, financial aid, academic advising, accessibility services, mental health counseling, and career development.

CoBE/Eagle Investment Group

The global financial market is growing more fast-paced and competitive by the day. So this project was developed to build upon our success. By adding Bloomberg terminals, the modern icon of the financial markets, and boosting our endowment in order to hire well-qualified Finance professors, we will be able to provide the necessary experience and guidance allowing our Finance graduates a competitive edge after graduation—whether they choose to work on Wall Street or Main Street.

Accent on Writing

This initiative helps undergraduate students in all disciplines become more mindful, effective, and confident writers. We believe writing is not only a necessary tool for communication but also a means of discovery and knowledge-making.

Eagler Club

Ashland University’s athletic program is one of the best in NCAA Division II. Previous generations of coaches, alumni and supporters form the foundation AU Athletics is still building upon today. Year in and year out, fans of Eagle Nation have grown to expect excellence, on and off the field, and to win both conference and national championships

Athletics Endowment

Help build our lasting legacy of enriching and expanding the student-athlete experience.

Ashland is built upon the idea that each individual who passes through these halls deserves every possible opportunity to succeed. For our student-athletes, that means opportunities on the court and off, on the field and in the classroom.